Our Process

The Sitemap

It all begins with a simple and effective sitemap. The sitemap displays the hierarchy of pages that your website will consist of and puts the navigation into perspective. We then forward it to you where you can make any necessary amendments and additions.

The Prototype

The next step is creating the basic look and feel that you are after. You will be shown some designs in order for us to develop an understanding of what we need to create. The prototype will only contain temporary dummy content which will then be replaced with the information you provide or we create for you.

Resource Gathering

We will then ask you for the resources that we require in order to complete the project. The more timely that this information is provided, the quicker we can make the required changes. This can include information such as: copy for each page, images, product details, social links and website logos. If you are time poor, have trouble gathering the required information or need content to be created then our team can do this for you as an additional service.

Final Build

The information is then added to the prototype and forwarded to you. You can then compile a list of comments and changes that you would like us to address. Our team will then thoroughly go over the content, making these changes and adding the finishing touches before your new website is ready to be launched.

The Handover

We create a backup of your old website and then transfer and launch your new and improved website. From here it is really up to you what happens. You can manage your content, backups and updates yourself or you can purchase a website care package from us to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly. This is optional and not required, however, it is recommended in order to save you time, headaches and stress.

Are you ready to get started?